Monthly Archives: May 2016

Senior Will?

I, Makai Tordillo, leave the responsibility of WHAM to the underclassmen next year. I also leave all my regrets and doubts of high school to Walnut High School itself.



I have always been one to move throughout my life.  I was born In Indianapolis, Indiana and moved before I was three years old.  From there I moved to Palm Springs, California where I attended four schools until I was twelve years old.  I started seventh grade living in England only to stay for two years.  I started high school in Germany where I moved my final year to Walnut, California.  Talking about moving to me is very automated as I have explained myself to many people.  It makes me feel like a broken record like I’m hosting a pity party but it has affected me greatly.  


If I could change anything from this year, it would probably be keeping track of my textbooks and keeping my locker clean. Over the past year, my locker has become a complete mess and is full of my random clothes and things that don’t belong in my locker. Due to this, I have entirely lost track of a lot of my textbooks and have lost two of them. Thanks to my stupidity, I now have to figure out how to pay them off before we graduate in about a week. I would definitely fix this if I could go back in time.

Return the Favor!

In the past year, I have tried my best to help everyone I could. I’ve helped in ways from creating a fundraising organization to help my friend pay for college to simply teaching my friends choreo. I have also helped others in little ways, like giving them homework and etc. In general, I think I help people on a daily basis with all the little things and I think that’s what matters most.

Go Fund Me?

People have helped me a lot in this past year. Literally in the past week, people have donated almost $90 to me to help pay for my lost textbooks. Not only that, but I am constantly borrowing people’s clothes for performances and such. Also, I had a great group of friends help me perform my dance asking for prom. After that, people also bought cookies from my girlfriend and I so that we could pay for food in Disneyland. I greatly appreciate the help of people.

Reflection Time

I think I’m most proud of my social progress over the last four years. Over time, I’ve really learned a lot about people and how they work and I enjoy being around them now. When I started high school, I was really awkward and didn’t want to talk to anyone in fear they would think I’m weird. Now I embrace my awkwardness and try my best whenever I can. I really think that learning social skills has helped and will continue to help me in the future.

Older Than It Feels

Marvin Erikson was my best friend in high school.  We had only spent one year together freshman year but we never stopped talking or engaging together.  I have not really gone to him with any personal problem of mine but he has to me.  I believe him to be a lifelong friend because although not physically seeing him for years we have remained close.  I enjoy giving him my opinion on problems although he may not take too kindly.  It just seems like the kind of relationship it would take a lot to sever.  

Current events

The school this year has had a small pinch of drama.  The first bit was when there was a runaway student who merely felt like leaving things behind for some time.  Secondly the school had a lock down due to a bomb threat the day before spring break.  Other than that the school has been relatively peaceful.  The largest event going on during this past year was the presidential election and primaries.  From sixteen candidates Donald Trump has won the republican nomination and Hillary Clinton is running a sketchy campaign against Bernie Sanders.  In most states Hillary Clinton has won there is some form of fraud and discrepancies in the voters.  One of the large issues battled out on the trail was the acceptance of refugees from Syria.  The war stricken country is oozing refugees into Europe and some believe the US should help soak some.  

I’m the Main Character

I do not have my future planned so far as ten years.  I do not have anything planned because I am wishfully thinking about what could happen.  I want to live a movie and I want things to fall into place and stars to align for me.  As unrealistic as it is I know that a year from know I will be enrolled in Mt. SAC with the intent of transfer.  Four years from then I plan to have already my degree in structural engineering and will likely be looking for a job in the new market.  Ten years from now I would like to have started my retirement savings establish a career and a name.  I will just continue to do well and nothing ill will come of it.  


I do not have anything of any value I would like to pass on to the next generation of students.  I am a senior yes but this was my first year here I have very little to give anybody.  The only thing I could give would be my very limited knowledge about my six teachers and the location they inhabit.  It goes without saying that I would freely give the information to any who asked but I have no connection with any underclassman .  I do not claim any rights over a certain seat or area doing so make me feel like a territorial beast rather than a habitual creature. I have poor penmanship so I can’t physically give any of my work to a student in need either.  I am perfectly alright to be blown over in the school’s history.