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Current Events

One current event that’s been going on is the election campaigns. Donald Trump has become a very prominent candidate and that really worries me. Another current event would be the refugee crisis involving the Syrian refugees. It has really made me worried about the world we live in. Another current event would be the bomb threat that occurred right before spring break. It was kind of a wake up call for the walnut bubble and it was both eye opening and scary. Finally, there was the attacks in Paris that were all over the news. The fact that it was the only event publicized majorly made me question people a little bit and made me wonder why this was so big when the same thing happens daily in other places.


Current events

The school this year has had a small pinch of drama.  The first bit was when there was a runaway student who merely felt like leaving things behind for some time.  Secondly the school had a lock down due to a bomb threat the day before spring break.  Other than that the school has been relatively peaceful.  The largest event going on during this past year was the presidential election and primaries.  From sixteen candidates Donald Trump has won the republican nomination and Hillary Clinton is running a sketchy campaign against Bernie Sanders.  In most states Hillary Clinton has won there is some form of fraud and discrepancies in the voters.  One of the large issues battled out on the trail was the acceptance of refugees from Syria.  The war stricken country is oozing refugees into Europe and some believe the US should help soak some.