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I’m not really sure what to talk about in this post. I guess I’ll talk about how excited and scared I am for the future. I know there are a lot of changes that are going to come, including being considered an adult and having to take care of myself. I’m both excited and scared to be entrusted with these responsibilities. I hope that I’ve learned enough over the last 12 years to be able to take care of myself and become a successful student and human being.



I have always been one to move throughout my life.  I was born In Indianapolis, Indiana and moved before I was three years old.  From there I moved to Palm Springs, California where I attended four schools until I was twelve years old.  I started seventh grade living in England only to stay for two years.  I started high school in Germany where I moved my final year to Walnut, California.  Talking about moving to me is very automated as I have explained myself to many people.  It makes me feel like a broken record like I’m hosting a pity party but it has affected me greatly.