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What Next?

For the next year, I hope to successfully complete my first year of college and be ahead on credits to transfer with. In four years, I hope to be at UCLA/UCI/UCSD studying psychology and getting my degree. I also hope to have created my own adult dance team, Team Aesthetics, with my friend Dylan. In ten years…well I’m not so sure. Maybe in ten years I’ll have a successful solid job and be directing/dancing on my team. Or maybe I’ll be in the process of writing some time of fantasy novel. I guess I’ll see when I get there.


I’m the Main Character

I do not have my future planned so far as ten years.  I do not have anything planned because I am wishfully thinking about what could happen.  I want to live a movie and I want things to fall into place and stars to align for me.  As unrealistic as it is I know that a year from know I will be enrolled in Mt. SAC with the intent of transfer.  Four years from then I plan to have already my degree in structural engineering and will likely be looking for a job in the new market.  Ten years from now I would like to have started my retirement savings establish a career and a name.  I will just continue to do well and nothing ill will come of it.