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3rd Person Hindsight

I am constantly being helped by other because they remind me of who I am.  When I see others make mistakes I try as hard as I can to not repeat them.  Most of my re enforcement comes from others messing up making me happy I did not do the same.  For example I have a large number of cousins and all of them have made many mistakes some of them come in the form of ink some in written text.  I also see the faults in many of my family members to help me strengthen myself.  I have seen through people like my father brother and many cousins what I would like to not accomplish.  


Go Fund Me?

People have helped me a lot in this past year. Literally in the past week, people have donated almost $90 to me to help pay for my lost textbooks. Not only that, but I am constantly borrowing people’s clothes for performances and such. Also, I had a great group of friends help me perform my dance asking for prom. After that, people also bought cookies from my girlfriend and I so that we could pay for food in Disneyland. I greatly appreciate the help of people.